What Can We Do? Day Ten

  What Can We Do? Day Ten

I send no weapons, clothes or food.
Do not send money, maybe should.
What can I do to do some good?
Each must decide what’s individually right.
I write.

Today, day ten,
Much, MUCH has happened.
More destruction, more collapse,
City-wide, Which side to speak of,
Victims or attackers?
Men obedient to their dictators?
Soldiers who will not divert, become deserters?
Men and women not converted:
No one who gets out unhurt:
This loathsome conflict damned perverted.
We know who we root for.
Those whose boots are made in Ryskland,

Death more and more, for,
Each new day war gets more gory:
Words don’t suit to tell the story.

Nonetheless, they get results,
Have influence, can wrench the guts:
This is war!
Shocking, sick, macabre, bloody,
Horrifying, gruesome, muddy.
War is slaughter, pure and simple.
(though not pure – not at all simple.)

What can we do?
Do what is brave and true
For you.
What Can We Do? 3.5.2022 War Book; Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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