Day Eleven: P__n’s War

Day Eleven: P__n’s War

George Washington said: (quote quite general):
Observe good faith and justice towards
Lands big and small;
Peace, harmony with all.

Corwin said this break of day:
Power, ruled by purity,
Which ruled by knowledge
Is an integration of affection without passion;
Brotherly the features four
They rule out war, war turned to warmth.

Right now war is a swarm of men
Flying round like insects, bearing
Legs and wings:
Wasps with stings
Locusts beating, eating
All and everything
That’s in the way.

An insect has no feeling
While it’s killing, stealing,
Serious and worrying
These insect men.

Who cares if name is ‘soldier’
When a soldier turns to monster
He’s a gangster – nothing more.
Eleventh day of P__n’s war.
Bloody and impersonal,
There’s nothing more to say
Except that every man will have to pay.
Name does not mean master.
Day Eleven 3.6.2022; War Book; Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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