Bed Yoga

  Bed Yoga

I press my head
Against the bed,
The spine and back
Still slack.
Then press the sore, poor spine,
Discs worn, till discs align.
Abdomen and muscles front
Which groan and grunt
In ageing’s ache –
‘Nough said about the wrinkly stomach.
Still, I’ve taught myself to do the hula
As a school-a.
So I wriggle, jiggle minutes long
To burn more calories (old age’s song)
Arms and shoulders ‘gainst the mattress
Become buttresses of strength.
I’d would go to any length
To keep and help the flexibility –
Its old ability;
Maybe gain some.
Yoga helps to keep one handsome
(or in this case, youthful, fulsome).
Wiggling, flexing, guessing some:
Ankles that go round and round,
Joints and muscles, elbows found;
Ligaments and cartilage
Stiffened with each coming age.
Guessing, pressing to discover
Body parts as yet not covered.
Bed and kitchen, toilet yoga
Is the coming toga of the future,
Covering the whole of body’s nature,
Every feature, top to toe.
Bed Yoga 3.7.2022 Definitely Didactic; Yoga, Science, War & Cats; Arlene Nover Corwin

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