Twelve More War Days

Twelve More War Days

Delving into suffering,
Twelve days, nights, a million gone.
Eloquent authorities buffer or intensify
Details that derail each one.
The suffering goes on.

Ruined psyches, factories, nature;
Whatever noun belongs to culture,
Its advancement and achievements now destroyed;
Decimated, desecrated, yes, a void.

The cunning leader carries out
His gunning ploys,
The plans and strategies his toys.
Day by day he plans his tactics
Which (we know) are only gimmicks
Of perverted skill, designed to kill;
He deigns to rule a whole society,
If there is hell, he’s there already.

How low can a despot stoop?
There will be nothing to recoup, to ‘woop’ for.
In the end when troops go home,
Will children romp?
Will there be pomp?
War leaves a swamp to be restored.
Nothing but a burnt and poor few folk,
Goodness, peace and brotherliness:
The only things that work!
Twelve More War Days 3.7.2022; War Book; Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin
*buffer; cushion, absorb, soften, lessen, diminish, moderate, mitigate, allay, deaden, muffle, stifle, shield. ANTONYMS intensify
**deign; condescend, stoop, lower oneself, descend, think fit, see fit, deem it worthy of oneself, consent, vouchsafe; demean oneself, humble oneself; informal come down from one’s high horse.

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