Go Nato: Day Thirteen

    Go Nato: Day Thirteen 

I mean, it’s day thirteen:
More demeaning to the foe than ever.
Never clever of a soldier to berate his foes.
His weakness shows his real loss.

And obedient to tyrant
Who dictates maltreatment
Of a sort that now includes
Demanding, food
and sexual favors!

Is there no pride on the other side?
No dignity, just cruelty, stupidity?
is there no soldier disenchanted?
No mother urging that her son recant?

It’s certain that alignment certain,
Had a lying curtain,
Wooled pulled over Russian eyes
Is uncertain – minimized..

The salient fact remains:
Those with brains support Ukraine’s
Eternal right to
Go with Nato.
Go Nato: Day Thirteen 3.8.2022; War Book; OurTimes,OurCulture; Arlene Nover Corwin

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