Fourteen Days:Two Weeks; The War

Fourteen Days:Two Weeks; The War

The war. Hunger speaks.
It’s reached two weeks;
Many weak from lack of heat and nutriment.
This is no gentleman’s agreement,
Rather, war that seems to have no rules;
Decency, humanity the ghoulish school
Of Mr Putin’s bullish ideology.
Hospital and ordinary blocks of flats
Flattened, old men, aged lady,
Probably the cats and rats –
Voiceless victims blown to bits.
Strafed or razed –
All this from the crazed dictator
At his order.
Two full weeks: the gone landscapes;
The bombed and raped;
Societies of every shape
With heritages each with merit…
Defiled, wild, sheep, cow, goat;
Those with child…will Highest Truth allow, yes, let
This most untrue die out
Unheeded, disregarded, spurned.
Did Nero fiddle while Rome burned?
Fourteen will turn fifteen; I’ll be here, you there
To read, react and cry.
The paradox, the mystery,
The inconsistency almost belies humanity’s
Belief in homo sapiens.*
Fourteen Days;Two Weeks;The War 3.9.2022 War Book;OurTimes,Our Culture II:Arlene Nover Corwin

*Latin, literally ‘wise man’.

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