Involved: Day Fifteen; The War

 I feel impelled to say something, 'provide' in the best perhaps only way I can from Sweden.(which, by the way, is itself feeling threatened). I'm, so very glad that you/someone appreciated the poem as poetry, as well as the message.

Involved: Day Fifteen; The War

After receiving a compliment
About the fourteen ‘meants’, ‘well-meant’
That seem to have turned into
One long poetic spouting;
Flurry and explosion ‘bout the fury;
And involved again
In the Ukraine.

Who can leave it?
Who does not bereave
The deaths of children,
Population leaving house and home
To find some freedom;
Safety and security.

Nothing cures the devil’s evil.
Evel Kneivel of the reckless, heedless and the rash;
Brash and brazen, self-asserting.
Cocksure of success,
To die at sixty-eight, no less.

There is no win
In being ‘bold as brass’’ a horse’s ass’.
Humility with strength and wisdom
Will always be devoid of sin:
Insane t’is war! Insane this war!
Fifteen days!
We pray that it is but a tasteless phase,
And nothing more to waste the devil’s ardour on.
Involved;Day Fifteen; The War 3.10.2022 War Book; Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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