Day Sixteen ‘Denialiars’ Of The War

Day Sixteen: ‘Denialiars’ Of The War

Anger, pain, the will to act:
What is the counter pact?
Poetry, philosophy?
Wisdom, generosity, compassion.
Learning and its shared companion.
Showing, teaching of its revelation;
Utmost honesty with self;
What you are internally,
Word and action twinned, entwined.

‘Denialiar’ is a concept newly formed
From hearing heated deformation of the lips:
Ambassadors and diplomatic ministers:
Wires of destruction.

‘Denialiars’ have dis-noble aspirations.
Sadly, often, long duration.
Anti-life is the denial of the truth.
Anti-truth the denial of the liar.
War is both, both form war!

And so we make,
For knowledge’ sake
A word that I’m afraid will last
As long as bombs and killing blast
All living life to dust.
Truth must ‘out’,
The idiots and louts to doubts;;
Then we’ll laugh and cry and shout,
Some return to home, some not,
The world re-framed forever.!
Day Sixteen::Denialiars Of The War 3.11.2022 War Book; Our Times, Our Culture II; Circling Round Everything II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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