Two Things Operating #2

Isn’t it great!

  Two Things Operating #2

There are two things operating both at once.
Never-ending cosmic law,
The underlying core
In motion working all things out,
In you – which what counts
And has the clout.

One law you cannot make sense of
Are the choices made, results thereof;
Acceptance and rejection for the this and that
Which leads us to life-meant-to-be:
The law inherent in the way of things;
To find for you yourself: peace, love and unity
(a thing to do If you’re to stop life’s sad uncertainty.
The best is to say “no” to fear,
Yes/no to choices near,
The voices in your ear
And trust the fairy godmother
Behind that urge.
Eventually purge and see
The microscope inside you.

You’re a Nobel Prize researcher
Never knowing when goals you nurture
Will show up or win fortuitously, accidentally,
By a fluke called serendipity.*
Two Things Operating 3.5.2019/revised 3.12.2022 Definitely Didactic II; Nature Of & In Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin
*serendipity; If you don’t know the word, it is a word worth looking up, it is a word of promise.
The same goes for ‘fluke’.

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