Each Day Brings A New Reaction:19th Day: the War

Each Day Brings A New Reaction: Nineteenth Day:The War

Each day brings a new reaction
To the war: to war!
Before I knew about the issues,
The Ukraine was just a name,
An appellation.
Now I actually
See the problems
Acted out before me –
At least partially: Tv the main agency.

Complicated circumstances,
Drawbacks, edited
By hiccups in the f___ing law,
In people’s nature; setbacks drawn
By weak or underhanded readers,
Shady, furtive, artful leaders…
Goodness gone;
Reasons known by God alone.
Everyday no ray of sunshine yet, not yet.
But things get better first
After they’ve been at their worst.
Each Day Brings A New Reaction:19th Day War Book; Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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