Time Goes Unbeiievably Fast: Twenty Days: The War

Time Goes Unbeiievably Fast: Twenty Days: The War

Twenty days. So much as happened.
“So much” under, under, understated;
Trivialised when mouth’s agape.
In fact, you could not overstate,
Exaggerate, much less escape
The limits of the lexicon.

“So much has happened”
Conscienceless, primeval killing
With undreamed of skill behind.
Skill so refined,
A skill the mind could never have imagined
In the first and last world wars.
World War One and World War Two.
(for those of you too young to know).

See yourself: a mom-to-be;
Nine hard months of pregnancy;
Cared for in the hospital,
A small, sweet baby
Just about to meet daylight…Suddenly,
You are no more, the unborn baby on the floor.
Ripped open, both in pieces.
Never be an aunt for nieces,
Hear your baby’s bawl or call.
Never more to be at all,

Time’s foes fast within it
Can’t be measured by the minute’s
Minute second.
See why it was wrong to write
“So much” has happened?
Time GoesUnbelievablyFast3.15.2022 War Book; Our Times; Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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