Day Twenty Something: Yes, The War

Day Twenty Something: Yes, the War

Pacifying, speechifying, lying in and to his land;
While his rhetoric sounds grand
Thousands die in land beside
At the hands of men he’s hired,
Each no longer fired but still
Obeying the commands to kill.

Today a theatre was bombarded.
Hundreds buried under rubble.
This same day he worked his label,
Sounding voluble and noble,
Placating the gullible.

This unsure poet knows quite little;
Self-interests form what’s shown
Yet, democratic sources feel
More trustworthy and real,
Getting the multitude’s unsealed approval.

Where this whole ‘damned thing is headed
No one knows, It is a conflict ‘damned’ indeed:
Contemptible, doomed, lost and cursed.
The worst of clashes;
Bashes, crashes, bursting flashes,
And the very, very worst:
Death and ashes.
Yes, the war is not yet over.
Day Twenty Something 3.18.2022 War Book; Our Times, Our Culture II Arlene Nover Corwin

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