Two Years Of Covid, One Month Of War

Two Years Of Covid, One Month Of War

If it were kind and not a kind
Lives could be saved.
We are a raving type,
A category filled with hype
When we could be one family.
But empty, angry selfies
Living in a wave of -pathies;
Neither sym- nor em- but anti-
Exclusivities not unity are we.
What to do?
Who can cure or save the world
But you!

This War is killing men and boys.
Young soldier toys,
The source one who’s bloodied boot’s in;
One whose name can rhyme with brute, salute and shootin’.
Like the virus, war’s contagious,
The attacker un-courageous and the whole:

One month in: twelve million wander;
Shaken, floundering, confounded.
News confused:
Dystopia a smotherer of men as brothers.

Two years plague, one month of war.
Can we take more?
Amidst the crying, dying, pest;
Of feeling pressed,
Let us rest in hopefulness.
God bless this mess!
God bless… God bless!
Two Years Of Covid, One Month Of War 3.20.22 War Book; Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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