(The most boundless of two syllables)

A word that covers all existence.
WAR, endeavor, battle, trouble;
Toil, brawl, stress and struggle…
More and all:
Striving, rivalry:
All these from the dictionary.

Struggle for, and struggle to;
Struggle with and struggle over;
Struggle back (to someplace/where)
Struggle in (these grimy times).

We’ve heard the word.
Let’s see more nouns to gird them up:
Signs of struggle (to get free)
Struggle for the leadership;
With a struggle (she saved drownings)
In the struggles (of someone who dreams)
T’was a struggle to (redeem sweet themes).

In the layers of two syllables,
Copious significances;
Wide of reach, wide of range;
Sweeping, large-scale, broad, extensive;
Comprehensive noun and verb
Reverberating through word’s world
Beause ‘global’ means a struggle!

We can win or we can wilt?
Let us stilted but guilt-free,
Pledge our lives ‘up to the hilt’
From struggling fierce and gurgling pieces,
To an integrated peace
In each and every bit of place.
Folk dispersed, traversing earth,
Battle stressed, soul-psyche pressed
Turned to laughter and caprice.
Struggle 3.21.2022 War Book; Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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