At Last

            At Last

At last inspired and not tired.
Not a thing to contemplate
(Not at the moment)
I’ll just wait until
Some content, wakes my skill,
Feeling important or essential
Where my mental faculties
Must work their hardest
To reach deepest, farthest;
The essential of the essence,
Communicated with accepted license.

I’ve been accused of using words
That people have not seen or heard.
If they but knew how hard I try
To work my reasoning up to the sky;
Meter right, rhyme delightful,
Meaning, message most of all –
All love’s labor
To reach reader, stranger, next door neighbour…

Sometimes there, without a sweat.
A piece of art without exertion.
Sometimes a sheer drudgery-
Commas, colons judging me,
For they have meaning
Which needs screening,
Seldom coming naturally;
Used correctly add the richness and complexity
That’s justifies a subtlety one’s aiming at.
Grammar, punctuation framing…

Any theme can have validity
Handled artfully and carefully.

To illustrate:
This is Sweden’s Waffle Day.
Waffles done a thousand ways:
Spinach waffles, ones which chirp,
Whipped cream, jam and ones which burp.
The only commonality is shape.

Ah, inspired and not tired.
Impotence replaced
By phrase and sentence.
Not an ounce of energy,
A pittance of intelligence
Was the requirement necessary
To produce this charming and unnecessary
At Last 3.25.2022 A Sense Of The Ridiculous II; The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene. Nover Corwin

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