Brain & The Idea Of God

     Brain & The Idea Of God

It’s seldom that I talk or take into my mouth
Words like contemplation, prayer;
Meditation, sometimes there, but all too trendy.
I still use ‘God’ as origin of ‘is’ and ‘be’
Like pea to pod – or did the pod begin the pea?
In any case word ‘God’ suits me.
“God” makes some nod off to sleep;
The concept God layered and deep.
The theme requires a lot;
Cosmic lots which never clot
Collected and connected.

My favorite words are ones
Which circle round synapses, neurons.
Sensible and philosophical, coincidence, the mystical;
(The endless un-explainable).
Using words to gird up talents, observations, balance.
Meta-physical, the practical,
Knowing them to be feel contactable.

Back to brain, mind, hippocampus.
Excellent references from which to rise.
Each and every thought a seam
Which seems to seed a deep and necessary need,
Leading brain-mind into action:
From the chemical to traction.

To believe’s to be relieved
By hope; the nest in which
The wishes of the good get rich
On tuppence… Witches
Get their well deserved comeuppance!

Brain and mind sometimes gets sludge,
The ordinary world too filled with grudges.
Words like evil; threats and devil fudging truth.
Everything has laws and cause,
Everyone applause, a pause,
Shall we become like dinosaurs
Until we’re lead to thinking ‘bout our destinies?

To summarise:
I go into my brain as often as I get the impulse:
Try to be continuous.
Issues, which one knows quite well;
Questions one can’t even spell;
Ordinary nouns turned into mantras.
Patience, power, love’s long life coming out like ‘cyclopedias –
Not a noodle made of Google,
But with oodles nonetheless.
Brain & The Idea Of God 3.28.2022 Circling Round Everything; God Book II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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