Let’s Talk About Forgiveness

Let’s Talk About Forgiveness

I’ve wondered about forgiveness,
Pondered over what it is:
Meaning many, many things,
Synonyms related but with differences –
Different tones and nuances.
Can you put aside your anger
When someone steps on your toe?
Wrongs or hurts you?
Can you overlook someone who goes before you in a queue?
Can you pardon gangster, gunman, other doers of a crime?
Disregard behaviour done in wartime,
Limbs, arms maimed, bombed aimlessly?

To forgive is fiddly.
To -give? What for?
Usurped, sidestepped,
Deep, steeply entrapped.
Is it wrong condoning deeds
That ought not be condoned or pardoned,
Thereby cancelling the debt owed someone?

Forgive, forget?
These wonderings floundering,
Each nuance flowering,
Struggling to get out.
Forgive me if I shout and pout about my doubts.
Let’s Talk About Forgiveness 4.1.2022 Circling Round Everything II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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