Everyday it’s going under.
You yourself can be a saviour;
Save, reduce, replace;
Simple but not easy,
Bees and plastics, energy.

Information and statistics turned to action.
Interest in the self scaled down.
How else will we save e’en have
A second, third, fourth generation?!
(Question, exclamation mark).

We will not mention wars and vengeance –
Not right here and not right now.
There is no holy cow of issue,
All’s important, all’s essential:

Leave one flower one more hour,
One more bee to serve his queen.
Leave one plastic package where
It will not sell on market’s shelf,
Leave it there to lose its sheen –
Turn to green.

Don’t buy much, sparing nothing.
Much is much is much, as such
(though indirectly)
Melting Arctic and Antarctic.

Towns already passed from sight,
Vanishing into the night.
No fun – for anyone.
That’s what sparking fires has done.
Sadistic, egoistic,
Causing droughts and floods of rain
As you see, un-idealistic.
Unrealistic as can be!
Save! 4.3.2022 Our Times, Our Culture II; Circling Around Existence; Arlene Nover Corwin

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