When writer writes, singer sings,
Players, artists do their thing
All that rings of truth and struggle,
Hidden, waiting, key discovered:
Layer upon layer: newer aspects
Of what’s always been.
You know, the motto ‘nothing’s new under the sun’:
Adage, maxim, pearl of wisdom…
So because of truths eternal.

Devoted to one thing or other,
There is always more to find, discover.
Minds have this in common:
Change, variety and evolution;
Mix of struggle, striving – fun;
No such thing as ‘ever done’
In life, perhaps in death.

Layers will reveal their ware,
Themselves so subtle
They may not be noticed till the next one’s there.
Despite appearance, life is fair.
As rich as rich can be,
Kept at in awareness, mental, central, total.
Layers 4.5.2022 Circling Experience, Existence, Everything; Arlene Nover Corwin

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