In the Mood To Talk Of God

In the Mood To Talk Of God

I’m in the mood
To talk of God.
The force, the source
That sets or plans the course
Providing will to make a choice –
From ant to us.

Without remorse
We don’t divorce It.
Rather, we endorse this Rolls Royce
Of an absolute: this masterpiece of Oneness;
Reinforced by practices
Of meditation, focus, prayer,
Giving hope and hoping that It’s there
In place. A ‘where’ not here on earth
But firmly placed in trustful faith.

This spark not grandiose
Not boastful, yet existing, functioning
By some osmosis
Which enables It to set the, use the laws of nature
Which through cause/ effect give stature or its inverse;

More than teeny molecules,
This thing, this powerhouse, this soul of souls,
Is everlasting energy;
Worth a reach, a stretching out to…
Worth a try,
Assimilation processes oft’ slow
But sunny, breezy, cheery: easy.
In The Mood To Talk Of God 4.7.2022 God Book II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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