Let Nothing Stop You

Let nothing stop you while you breathe.
Adapt instead.
Adjust your head (the mind inside).
You’re in the bed: tired, ill,
You’ve got a head. Use it.
You’ve got a toe. Move it.
You get a thought; take it in or let it go.
Think of Proust, lying mostly on his pillow*:
So much to learn, to know, to do.
Mix and match: to watch, catch, snatch, latch on to;
Boredom, desperation –
All and every motivation.

You can always stop, adjust, enhance;
Keep the dance of inspiration.
Variety unlimited, from the imitated
To inimitable you.
In the end (one of the ends)
There s no ending, only bending
To the changes.
You’ve run in more directions hitherto unknown.
You, the world, the universe built on a stone,
Nothing stops the one
Who knows there is no top.
Let Nothing Stop You 4.11.2022 Circling Round You; Circling Round Experience;
*one of the most influential writer of the 20th century)
It took 14 years to write “Remembrance Things Past”;“In Search Of Lost Time”

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