Preambling Around In A Prologue

   Preambling Around In A Prologue

What starts a poem, themes fired, inspired?
Point of view enthused
By ‘you’ that lies inside.

Looking back you see the crap,
Which showing up
You’ll not have seen when first you wrote.
You see your strengths rise as they rise.
Perception grows, as you repeat.
It’s time and sweat,
But good to see it.

Reading over; long gone; later
Revisions, versions one to four;
Different poem, different title:
You’re a mortal, this a portal –
Life in writing the recital,
Projection of your astral star,
And no matter how distinctive and objective
Road to find out who you are.

Books are writings of existence;
Of reflection and selection;
Of a past, the now and futures:
Future problems always there,
Future questions always yours.

With no ending to this smog
That claims to be a prologue
We shall amble groggily along
And write.
Preambling Around In A Prologue 4.13.2022 The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative; Circling Around Existence; Arlene Nover Corwin

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