The Words For God

      The Words For God

One has seen the word for God expressed
As One, center, tree of life,
The Absolute and key belief…
So many synonyms as are relationships.
Man and nature…tool, and law.
Belonging, each one to the other.
God the Father, Mother, Brother,
Guide, friend, doctor:
God, the aim, the home.

Though itself, an energy supreme,
Indeed the prime,
We give it anthropomorphic qualities**
You might say, physiology –
From limitation and necessity;
We are but human beings,
‘Seeings’ differing.
Motionless, it never moves, has no needs.
And doesn’t really ‘do’ as we
Presume ’doing’ to be.

All gets ‘done; pros, cons.. quell mystery!
Yet some or many constantly
Are seeking connectivity
To make us whole –
That Ultimate being the goal.
The Words For God 4.17.2022 God Book; I Is Always You Is We; Arlene Nover Corwin
anthropologic •*Having human characteristics: anthropomorphic bears and monkeys.

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