Creativity á la Mode

Creativity á La Mode

Poetry comes in many forms:
Informs, re-forms, it storms the norms;
Always links to something – not unlike a jazz performance,
Starting with some vague idea,
Fleeting phrase, or thought… no thought,
No aim at rhyme or rhythm, little talent – still,
One writes, steered by emotion, will,
Which followed up
Reveals an inner, swallowed up
By self-effacement, fears or shame.
Metaphors a brilliant means to claim back self.
The self will always manifest,
Its needs which may have festered long.

Philosophical beneath it all,
Questioning or non-commital,
Coming to conclusions nil;
Still there’s benefit.
You’ve loved, you’ve lost: cost has been high.
You sigh, you cry,
But there you are with pen in hand,
By a poetising, mus-ifying.

Challenging and changing
Is this pun-fun rearranging words
From out-of-tune absurdity
To bird and spring,
The poem, like jazz, an exploration.
Form or non- random, roomed then bloomed
Since man could dance, play, sing.

Depending on one’s aptitude, one’s talent and/or leaning.
Art takes on its own direction, emphasis and meaning.
Writer becomes better, fuller, more in touch
When he or she has written much.
We see the ‘how’ but why, yes why?
He’s shared, you can identify.
Perhaps that’s why.

The benefit enormous.
The brain’s done the exploring;
Knows more than ever known before.
Creativity the mystery, a history, a wish-story.
Hours giving powers roomed but never groomed.

The jazzy brain makes linkages unknown until then.
Creative cooks take crazy stuff: out comes a dreamy cream puff!
The poet knows he doesn’t know.
Then writes something he can share or show.
Creativity á la Mode 4.26.2022 The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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