Who Is Des Tiny`

Who is Des Tiny?

Far as we know and see
Mr Des Tiny ain’t small at all,
But limitless and endless,
Mr Tiny knows the future,
Suture between times to come;
Fortune good, mature and clever.
Beaver gloom and doom:
A vitamin, a lever.

He knows but doesn’t say.
Doesn’t tell us what will happen.
He’s a secret guy –
A winding ribbon of a sort,
Binding in his weave as sport
Cause and effect.

Abstract as gas.
Common to each one of us.
Some will call him Providence,
A part of circumstance and common sense,
‘Providing’ as the verb implies.
Both good and bad. Neither of them lies.
Skies are blue, but sometimes grey.
Life, death never far away.
Polarity is destiny.

Let us try to turn Des Tiny
To compensation’s recompense,
Providence providing all we need.
Destiny the root and seed.
Who Is Des Tiny? 12.25.2021/re-composed completely5.1.2022 Circling Round Reality; Nature Of & In Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

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