Active Gratitude

      Active Gratitude

The key word ‘active’,
Bringing to the frontal lobe a living sense
Of thankfulness;
A recognising with dynamics
That despite the mess in one’s existence,
Parents were quite wonderful;
Body aches, but compensates
With sharpened creativity…and so on:
Full elation!
Not indifference nor the ‘usual’ we take for granted,
But acknowledgement’s cerebral granite.

Active gratitude: a waking up
To all the blessings that you’ve supped;
All that happens gaining merit
To and from the brain inherent,
Which returns with more contentment by the minute.
Active gratitude means change within, which in itself
Brings surging blossoming without.

I cannot help but shout about
This bringing into being (mine),
A new awareness-cum-divine.
Remember lass, remember dude,
The key is active gratitude!
Active Gratitude 5.2.2022 Circling Round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin

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