Te Art Of Being In the Kitchen

The Art of Being In the Kitchen

In the library of my mind, I stand,
Knowing that I must make lunch.
On no more than a hunch
I riffle through the freezer, fridge,
Bridging tastes.
Going through from A to Z, standing quietly
I taste and test, investing time
To form a meal that will fill.
Maybe I rotate a bit, but really, I’ve not moved my butt.
A meal is forming from within;
Splendid, or so-so, I have no way of knowing, for
Like all good genies,
This one’s free to come, to go,
Its will
An individual.
I may review a recipe,
Then alter strategy;
Start out with one intention,
Ditch it on the kitchen bench and
End up cooking something new –
(Something you might least expect)
Cooking at its very best!
This is just
A form of art
That all too quickly turns to fart,
The start of which
Is simply being in the kitchen.
The Art Of Being In The Kitchen 4.28.2015
The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II;
Arlene Corwin

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