Starts & Ends

 Starts And Ends

Always start and end;
Foe or friend,
Crises living all around.
Not a warning but a waning.
War and peace/peace and warring.

There are laws.
Laws have cause.
All the ways, always.
Courses which, of course,
Produce the chains which seem to be
The motor of Reality
Universal, globally.

The motion of law’s clauses
Also seems to be opposites: internal
Simultaneous the kernel:
Pro and con, good and evil.

We make our choices.
Braking or accelerating wins and losses.
Hopefully we’re learning; earning from the learning,
Becoming bosses
Of our futures.

I began so now I’ll end,
Hoping that I’ve sent, will send
A hopeful message and massage
That helps to make a master
Out of Ms, Mrs and Mister.

In this puny pun-ny process
I’ve had fun.
Starts & Ends 5 4.2022 Circling Round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin


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