Albert Cat Is Twelve Today

Albert Cat Is Twelve Today

Albert Cat Is twelve today!
Dear cat of ours,
Hours spent watching you play,
Learning how and what you say
In language that we understand.
Purr, purr, purr!
(not ‘her’, but him, him, him and hmm).

With few demands, we know
When you want food,
Will go outside,
Will take a wheelbarrow ride,
Wlll drink from bathroom sink
(which we leave dripping just for you night through).

Albert, Albert, Happy Birthday
As you lie there steeped in sleep,
One of the day’s naps you creep into.
Do you dream?
You do! So human are you!

We respect you.
Don’t expect much from you,
For we know how much we get
From giving and providing for you.

Know you love massage or brush.
We feel a rush each thing we do
For you;
Each treat you eat.

Albert sweet,
You make our lives complete.
If you can live some twelve years more, (us too),
We’ll be the glad-est on our street.
Albert Cat Is Twelve Today 5.6.2022. Cat Book II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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