Gratitude Continues

     Gratitude Unending

Have I said this before?
It seems to be renewed:
Yes, gratitude revered,

Fresh and vibrant each new time.
Occurring on this very morn:
A tv interview reminder.

And me reminded once again
How very grateful I have been
Each growing day
That I get Comments, Likes and Loves…
All signs that make the day to grow,
And me also.

Deep and philosophic, funny,
Reactions and replies – ne’er an insult.
All the Facebook world consulted:
Asis, Europe USA…
People who I’ve never met
Saying they’ve been wired, taught;
The whole a sire-ing of poets everywhere.
Who could wish for more?

And compliments and homages!
Flattery, good wishes, honeyed words
That push one further.
Given every chance to air,
Think through the wildest,
The most varied, childish themes;
Freedom to the intellect and dream
So limited as only I know that they are;
A chance to change the form
Develop rhyme,
To find my style,
While all the while
Sitting, pecking, tapping, keys.
How pleased I am
To get this chance
To have newly made-up dance
With you.
A glimpse and glance at gratitude.
Gratitude Continues 5 10.2022 Pure Nakedness II; Circling Round Everything; Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin

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