My Grudge Against Death

After seeing two insects halfway up the bathtub – dead. They must have died trying to get out.

My Grudge Against Death

I have a grudge against death.
I’d like to cudgel death to death,
Nudge it to unconsciousness –
Death the smudge on life.
I’m not a judge,
But I’ve a grudge.

I’m sure you all agree.
No one should have to leave
And not come back.

There are some who dodge the question.
I, I bridge this life to force divine,
Its energy a mine of diamonds,
Forging truth and happiness to ripening’s gestation:

Maybe everlasting is too much to ask;
Basking in the breath of living,
Forgiven and forgiving. Oh my!

Grudge is not a nice thing,
But I’m feisty
And the sludge of death
Gives me the right to cry.
My Grudge Against Death 5.10.2022 Birth, Death & In Between II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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