Ordinary Sitting-In-The-Sun Summer Poem

Ordinary Sititting-In.the-Sun Summer Poem

Winter slumbers.
Everything alive in summers.
Covid doesn’t thrive in summers.

Sitting here, arms, legs, chest bare;
Cushioned chair, aware of self;
Ant’s shelf the porch and wooden planks –
The whole a bank of happiness.

Blackbirds pecking at the lawn.
Albert Cat is fawning over food potentials,
Spawning dreams of good unmentionables;
Watching, catching, scratching, snatching.

Though they hear his subdued screams,
His reams of sound,
They hang around, pecking the ground.
It’s grand.
The long and short is no one’s hurt.
Whadda day!

They ultimately fly away.
Albert Cat decides to play.
Amusement there for everyone.

Oh, this month – the months to come!
Grass has grown, potatoes sown.
One is warmly left alone
To meditate, create or read.
Summer’s creed fulfilled.

One has waited all the winter
For this banter and the miracle of nature
To occur, concur with frostbit wishes,
Promises and pledges kept
While people slept with sweaters on
And zone by zone
Nature cloned itself.
Ordinary Sitting-In.the-Sun Summer Poem 5.15.2022 Circling Round Nature II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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