Apologia, But

 Apologia,  But…

No politician I,
Peace loving, appreciative,
Like so many, non-activist-ive
Going round my little world a little elf
Developing the Self.

Suddenly I find my mind’s in different mode.
A neutral country’s been attacked,
Civilians killed by torture, rape, brutalities
A brand new fact.
Age-old tactic,
Guns and bullets notwithstanding.

Behind it all, perhaps in front.
A globe is grunting.
Falling, falling,
Some are stalling out of greed’s self-interest.
We may just fail that test
Of world survival.
Then comes Putin’s war as rival.

I, the spiritual and meditative,
Philosophical and art creative
Find myself involved.
God-oriented me
Wants to see
The world revolve:

Sunshine, seasons, myriad reasons
To respect our fellow man;
Love and peace and cease to war –
Because we can!
We can!
Apologia, But 5.16.2022 Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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