Inspired, equally ordinary;
Unconventional but everyday;
Interested and interesting,
Willing to be slightly hackneyed.
Poetic and prosaic simultaneously.
Unadorned and unembellished:
That is me –
At least that’s what I want to be.

Using words like yup, ok –
Good old fashioned bad cliché,
I dash ahead with not a doubt inside this head,
So hamstrung this mentality.

My soul concrete
As Brooklyn’s street
(where born and bred)
Aim to communicate
Is all I want –
or ever wanted.

Thus the language is prosaic
Not the academic
Often met.

You bet!
(My dad’s pet phrase)

If there is something you don’t get.
Send me a letter.
I will always try
To clarify,
Clear-speak the best of means and end
To make a friend
Of strangers.
Prosaic 5.17.2022 I Is Always You Is We; Arlene Nover Corwin

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