The Struggle Between Good & Bad

The Struggle Between Good & Bad

I don’t like to use the words
Evil, vile, devilish;
Don’t want to couple wickedness
With catastrophic, ruinous:
They sound too, too, well, evil.

Weather can be bad, not evil.
People can be bad not hurtful.
One can have the worst intention:
Greedy, lustful, vices seven.
They’s not nice, but devil?
They, you, I have work to do to get to heaven.
We are jerks – each one of us.

To be sure,
There is a struggle to undo,
Say toodle-oo,
Transform the bubble vice to virtue.
House no contempt!
Who ’s exempt?
Don’t be first to throw a stone.
We have unpleasant features of our own
To cure –
To be sure.
The Struggle Between Good & Bad 5.18.2022 I Is always You Is We; Arlene Nover Corwin

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