The Older I Get

The Older I Get

The older I get
The more wet concepts
Become concrete;
Realities to write about,
Grow into realtime and testable corporealities.
Age has its perks.

What once belonged to musing,
Bone and muscle disappearing,
Worry, fearing, body-tearing.
Is now fused to brain-wrought thought.

Old is very many things:
Da da da and wrinklings. tinklings
Sprinklings that live their own life;
Firmed beliefs and small reliefs,
One of which is understanding:
Tolerance and love
Which stand above all former standing.
Things reputed or disputed evened out.

Old is nothing one should shout at:
Nothing to sweat, fret about,
The wisdom compensation ‘nough.
Cough, cough, puff, puff,
Blast off!
Lift off! ♥︎
The Older I Get 5.18.2022 Circling Round Ageing; Arlene Nover Corwin

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