God, You Are…

God, You Are…

God, you are my now –
You are my there –
My here, my near…
I dare to say.

My present state
In meditation.
Watches, waits
In meditation
For some evidence that states
Your Being is alive and well,
Considerate of my survival
And all other beings in what looks like hell –
World circumstances being what they are.

Really underneath your spell
And your control.
Are you the whole,
The A to Z that soothes –
Or is it fantasy?

As far as this mere ‘fan’ can see
It craves your loyalty
And mine.
It helps to feel a power divine.
Daily aids which aren’t imaginary,
Synchronicity no mere coincidence,
But more like presence,

Whatever is reality
I shall continue ‘seeing’ you
As actuality.
I have no choice, and yet,
I’m making choices endlessly.
Nature being what it is

Anomaly and mystery,
Some inconsistency’s absurdity;
You will remain a living entity
For me and millions like me.
God, You Are…5.22.2022 God Book II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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