Jazz Invincible

      Jazz Invincible

The entire mode of jazz expression
Perhaps informed by one progression:
One, four five: or
Upbeat, down, the mood, the beat,
The sound encompassing the heat,
The call, the all of swingng,
Playing, singing…
Even dancing while romancing.

Listening to jazz
In any meter, and/or pace
Is more uplifting
Than the swallowing or sniffing
Of all, any drug.
Myself, I want to hug my husband,
Practice more,
Make my ears, eyes, mouth my score:
(music score, of course)

The source of it, inside myself
I cannot trace,
My boyfriend played the saxophone.
I thirteen, much alone
(my parents owned a hair salon)
He told me about Symphony Sid.
I started listening in bed.

I was, way ‘fore George Shearing
On hearing ‘Jumping With…’
I wrote the first song heralding
The great recording by Fitzgerald.
(Ella, fellas)

I was hooked, and have been since.
Jazz invincible,
My middle name,
The frame and aim.
Jazz Invincible 5.24.2022 Vaguely About Music II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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