Who Was I In A Former Life?

 Who Was I In A Former Life?

I write.
Most everyday.
Began, as far as I can see
At nine or ten, just poetry:
Always, always poetry.

I sing.
Professionally at nine or,
Maybe well before.
Weddings, parties, goodness knows how, when and where, :
Don’t remember, (but it’s there).

Raising bonds for World War Two;
Chosen for school plays also.
Does this point to something old, something new?
Something I was born to do?.

Just reflecting decades later.
Eight decades and still at verse;
Not adverse, but still AT verse.
Still performing, age a blessing
And a curse.

Nursing all these gifts God given.
Wond’ring, pond’ring
Where, how, why it all came from.
Was I Shakespeare? Jenny Lind?
I’ve not attained that kind of art.
Not smart enough nor gifted.
Sifting through the ancestry –
What might have been, who might be me,
I cannot sniff out anybody.

You? For you
Is rebirth reality?
A possibility?
I’d like to hear
From those of you with years behind;
Ideas, the sense beyond
Who Was I In A Former Life? 5.25.2022 Circling Round Existence; Arlene Nover Corwin

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