The Specialists

We need the specialist.
The virtuoso and the expert.
Connoiseur, the pundit.
There was a time we called them ‘nerds’, respectlessly.
Eccentricity there may be,
But to be outside the circle
Keeps you from the mediocre.
Though a joker to the world.

With those synapses connecting;
Tiny neurologic gaps respecting one another
Brain not bothered by the effort,
The proficient and the specialist
Can change a generation current –
Even ones to come.
While others spend their life ho-hum,
He/she sheds light shorn, unknown, unshown before.
Moral: practice, train,
Get to know your brain and what it values;
What it’s drawn to.

Get to know the real you.
Become a specialist in something,
The many-thing-er fashionable,
Being capable of one thing in particular
Keeps you from the mediocre
And affects the now and future,
Possibly protecting mankind too.
The Specialist 5.28.2022 The Processes: Creative, thinking, Mediative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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