First Of June, Again

   First Of June, Again

June First, already!

Floody, drizzly, pregnant May,
A rose-pink Super Moon gone by,
And now, this watching TV morning,
Breaking fast at morning’s dawning,
First of June: no ordinary thirty-one –
A month with only thirty days;
One prays for reasonable warmth and sun,
Abundance in all kinds of ways.

Dancing on a green, green lawn,
Longest days, strongest light
Wishing June could stay forever;
But the reverie of staying,
Play of dream and hope.
The scope of June is what it is.

A burgeoning of energies:
Flowering bush, trees…
A miracle!
A welcome marvel!

Now let’s mow the lawn
And not complain,
Take delight in summer rain ,
Soaking into needy brains
The growth of it
As nature does, we imitating
Nature’s buzz of joyousness.
First Of June Again 6.1.2021/6.1.2022 Circling Round Nature II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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