Naughty Girl: Apologia

Naughty Girl: Apologia

I’m such a naughty,
(Though not haughty)
Girl, er, I mean woman.

Writing every day,
(The practice speeding up),
I’ve disregarded commentary
Which I ought to have attended to.
I’m such a fool.
The tools of admiration
I’ve ignored, though unintentional.

Not to make the matter worse
But rather reimburse,
I’m writing this
As one compensatory verse:
A eulogy to all and any
Who have read my stuff
And not said “That’s enough!”

Do I now appreciate
That readers rate
The opuses one’s worked on,
Searching words and meaning,
Leaning on research, instinct, brains, labor,
Yet disregarding reader-neighbour
Who might love to be addessed
Outside the verse?
Yes, yes I do.

Not averse to comments.
Fact is, I adore them.
Why ignore them?
No enthusiasm, un-involvement?
I’m a naughty, naughty girl,
Er, woman,
This is by way of, and my way of
Starting to make up for it,
Show respect and gratitude
Without responding one by one.
Thank you, you sweet sons-of-guns*
Who bother.
Naughty Girl: Apologia 6.3.2022 Circling Round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin
*a jocular or affectionate way of addressing or referring to someone.

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