New For The Day

    New For The Day

It’s Saturday, I’m in the now,
Writing because somehow
I’ve got/gotten
Wholly new ideas – or one
Which give me new ideas to go on
Simply from a tv program.

One phrase that has struck the heart,
Replenishing the brainy part,
Astonishing the self,
Nourishing a gibberish, if need be.
Makes me
Jump from bed, rush ahead,
Searching all -ishes in my head,
Leaving the ashes to the dead.

It’s new, new for the day.
Word play
Linking object/subject,
Both inhabited by spirit’s pneuma*
Wakened by my current humour.

Too darned intellectual” you say.
“New for the day!” say I.
I have no other alibi.
I write this
From an impulse
Very likely ludicrous.

I mean, it’s not from caffeine
Which can influence…
Its only sense(s) coming from
Deep levels of the mushrooms in my dome:
Commendable and recommendable.
New For The Day 6.4.2022 A Sense Of The Ridiculous II; Arlene Nover Corwin
pneuma | ˈnjuːmə |noun Philosophy
(in Stoic thought) the vital spirit, soul, or creative force of a person.
ORIGIN Greek, literally ‘that which is breathed or blown’.

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