(A long poem.  Excuse me.  It had to be.)

Sometimes phrase, sometimes word.
It doesn’t take much to inspire –
To set off a fire
In the rubber tire of the mind
Which rolling ‘long
Has strong beliefs involving
What will happen or has not lived up to:

She had expectations for the future;
She expected to inherit and was disappointed
When it’s only feature
Was a fraction
Of her expectation.

Expectation: good – or bad?
An illusion of much possibility
In the form of probability.
All imagined!

If it’s something you have had
You know that all you’ve had
Is based on supposition;
Forecast and presumption,
Guesswork, hopes and sheer projection.

What to have or do instead?
Anticipate no single thing!
Take the future from your head.
Substitute the ever-ringing, singing Now.
Improve your character somehow
Take the present moment
As adornment and the midpoint
Of your heart.

Expectancy thinks, hopes that something good will happen.
To expect has sides good/bad.
Exclude it from your psyche. Open
Up your mind to ‘knowing’ it’s all good;
Stay in the neighbourhood of that instead!
Expectation 6.7.2022 Definitely Didactic II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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