Do Dictators Ever Have Regrets?

  Do Dictators Ever Have Regrets?

Dictators, do they ever have regrets?’
Breaking norms they stress-lessly
And easily storm villages and cities.

Doing as they please,
Seize, tyrannise without a blink
Shed not a tear while countries sink.
Rulers whose sole course is force.
Whose soul Is grounded in control.

Their names are infamous.
Their fame is shameless,
They themselves are ‘blameless’
So they say
Each goddamned day –
For damned by God are they,
Most surely.

I would not not fret
If H, S, P felt some regret.
But such men never give a shit.
They never shed a drop of sweat.
They hunt and kill
Then forget.

The point and only ointment is:
We don’t.
Do Dictators Ever Have Regrets? 6.7.2022 Our Times, Our Culture II; War Book; Arlene Nover Corwin

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