Agitate Vs Cogitate

I just love words.                             

   Agitate vs Cogitate

As a cogitator not an agitator –
Quiet, thoughtful, mulling over, meditating,
Finding depth in intuition coming from the moment’s being
When ideas can come together out of nowhere.
( come from air, mind mystery it is)

Who understands its source, this cogitation?
Cerebrating, giving thought and contemplation
In quiet celebration of cognition.

Then there are the agitators, agitating.
Battling, crusading, beating drums in hot debating:
Aim: to stir up and excite, anxiety oft’ the result.
Distress, exclusion, insult:
What provokes, invokes the opposite of calm
When what is needed is a balm,
Room for tranquility –
Not press, not anguish and distress,
Sense of danger, worry, sadness.

Why ‘whip up’ when you can quietly awaken
All that needs a shaking up
Without inflaming, shaming, blaming..

Think it over
And become a cogitator.
Deliver what can give your circumstance hopefulness
and a day.
Agitate Vs Cogitate 6.11.2022 The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

Helpful hints: A) Cerebrate |the cerebral cortex. intellectual rather than emotional or physical: B) Cogitation; thought, pondering, reflection. C) Contemplation; examination, scrutiny, gazing at, consideration. D) Cognition: perception, awareness, apprehension, understanding, comprehension, insight; (conscious) thought.

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