The Household Guest You Never Want To Leave (added to)

The Houseguest You Never Want To Leave (added to for clarity)

You may not be a genius***
But you may be visited by genius;
He or she who is your muse
Sent by some force to fuse with – use.
It happens every now and then,
And when…when it presents itself you’re marked;
Your opuses are sparked by purpose
Only dreamed of lying in the dark.

Let yourself become a duct,
Technique and subject romping through
For you to reach out to the few
As yet un-met, unseen who
Benefit from your enchantment.

It is magic, unexplainable, entrancement
Where your duty is a simple one:
To take hold of the gifts you have – and dancing,
Work them with quiet purpose,
For who knows when genius
Will be the one guest that never sticks?**
The Houseguest You Never Want To Leave 6.12.2019/revised 6.12.2022 the Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin
*genius comes from the mythical genie who, imprisoned in a bottle, when freed grants wishes when summoned.
** stick: (British informal slang) go to live elsewhere.

‘**A reference to, allusion to the times when you are suddenly inspired. In Greek or in Latin the genie was a guardian spirit which, as I understand it, comes into or belongs to every household. Hence, the word ‘genius’. That’s why I use the word ‘muse’.
One ‘isn’t’ a genius. One ‘gets’ genius every now and then.

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