Not Brainy, Really

  Not Brainy, Really

While not an intellectual – highbrow, scholarly,
One with powerful capacity,
Not brainy, really –
I’ve an intellect,
( ‘have’ the operative word and key.)

A fondness for analysis,
Driven to keep diving in,
Somehow driven to a depth,
Self-driven by the breadth of gene;
A push to know the underlying of the Now:
How it can help,
Flowing totally unconsciously.

This unschooled, untooled, no brainchild
Bound up to an inner mould,
An inner world,
This could be, maybe will be
Preface of my books-to-be;
Logical and filled with doubts,
The circus circles ever sprouting,
Cup-of-coffee energies
From God-given tendencies.
Preface to all prefaces,
The real face
Of me.
Not Brainy, Really 6.15.2022 Circling Round Almost Everything II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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