Truth, Capital T

    Truth, Capital T

When we say ‘truth: capital T,
What do we mean?
What are we seeking, gleaning
Facts meant to convey
A teaching meant for an every country,
Person, situation; permanently,
Till the end when time stands still,
For good and all, eternally,
Always, everlastingly.

That is what we mean by Truth.

Not the truth that’s non-absolute;
Small t part view, partly true.
What we’re not often told
Should be the same for me and you,
And you and you and you and you –
No matter who, where, what you do.
Shall we call it you-niversal!

Such a word requires reason, landing;
Wisdom’s learning and its earning;
Insight and enlightenment.
This is fun,
For Truth is One.
Truth, Capital T 6.16.2022 Circling Round Almost Everything; Arlene Nover Corwin

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