Cake In the Oven

You can write about anytging. It’s all valid.

Cake In The Oven

Showing everything can be a subject,
To shove into a mindless poem:
Cake’s in the oven,
What can be said
About a recipe that is not bread:
One sits in the sun, pencil, pad,
Waiting for the cake to bake,
Wond’ring if the cake will ‘take’
Not burn but done;
Flour, apple, cinnamon,
Sugar, baking powder in,
Milk, egg, butter for a better flavour
And two guests to come for coffee and…
I’m pretty sure it will be grand.

To give the taste buds and the eyes
An extra prize
There will be whipped cream as disguise.
And should the whole thing fail, Surprise!
Surprise, surprise!
Cake In the Oven 6.19.2022 A Sense Of the Ridiculous; Arlene Nover Corwin

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